What is a Sports Agent?

A sports agent is an individual who represents athletes in negotiating employment and endorsement contracts.  They may also assist their clients with financial decision making and in handling public relations.  They look after the best interests of their client.

Many are attorneys although having a law degree is not necessary.  The profession is receiving greater scrutiny, especially as related to the  National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA.   More and more, the shift is moving towards requiring licensure for sports agents.  

There are benefits to having an agent who is also an attorney.  An attorney will be trained in the art of negotiations, and will have taken specialized classes on contracts.

Sports agents can be male or female.  You need to find one who you are comfortable with.  Go to How to Pick a Sports Agent for some questions you can ask when you are interviewing representatives.

You need to do your research and have expectations regarding what you are looking for.  Do not be intimidated.  Go in to the meeting with the attitude that YOU are interviewing them. 

If YOU are a sports agent and would like to be listed on this page, please complete the Contact Us link and provide some information on your qualifications.  We will carefully vet you and may share your information on this site.

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