Soccer Scouts

GoSoccerPro is reaching out to Soccer scouts and finding out what they look for in players.

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Miha Kline is the Director of Recruiting and Soccer Operations at the Barca Academy in Casa Grande, Arizona. 

Barca Academy is is the only full-time residential US Soccer Development Academy that is affiliated with an internationally recognized professional club.

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    Feb 23, 21 07:21 PM

    Young athletes need to fail in order to learn resilience. We can't baby them and expect them to succeed, in life or in soccer.

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    Jan 30, 21 10:35 PM

    France,like most European countries, relies on the system of relegation and promotion between its football teams to determine movement.

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    Jan 30, 21 10:03 PM

    German football structure allows for relegation and promotion between their different leagues.

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