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GoSoccerPro is reaching out to Soccer coaches around the globe to learn what they look for in a player. 

What qualities will make you stand out as an athlete?  

Click on the links below to hear from coaches themselves.

Mauro Bertoni is both the Coach and Technical Director International Academy at AC Milan.  Mauro played as an amateur for 7 yrs and professionally for 19 years!

Maura got his UEFA A LICENSED in 2011.  He has worked in several countries including:  Italy, Australia, USA, Algeria, Croatia, Spain, Dubai, Bulgaria, Romania and Lithuania!

He also is very involved with NIKE Vogelsinger Soccer Camps in the USA.

Cristiano Scapolo is an Academy Coach at the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC), USA.  He played professionally in Italy for over ifteen years from 1989 - 2004.  He represented such clubs a Inter Milan, Roma, Napoli and Bologna.

He now lives in greater LA.

Cristiano is a veteran of over 400 Professional games, and won four Professional Championships, representing Napoli, Bologna, Atalanta and Ravenna. 

Antonio Saviano is currently the Director of Operations at the Premier Sports Campus at Lakewood Ranch, Florida. 

Antonio is also the President and Founder of SoccerKix, Inc. 

He was previously the Director of Coaching in Wilmington, North Carolina at the Cape Fear Youth Soccer Association.  

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