Performance Issues and Athletes

Teesta Sisodia-Sullivan  November 19, 2019

Performance Issues and Athletes:

Dr. Jack Singer is a nationally recognized consultant,  author and speaker.  He is the author of over 180 articles and has written four books.  He has been on the faculty for six Universities and holds a Ph.D. for Professional Corporate and Sports Psychology.

He has been featured on ESPN, MSNBC, CNN and Sports Fox.  

Jack's clients include Fortunate 500 companies, Top executives and even Olympic athletes.

He continues to offer his services as a keynote speaker for large audiences, and for team building but he is also available for  personalized sessions designed to address  an individual's unique concerns.

You can learn more about him by clicking here.

Dr. Singer resides in North Carolina, but he is available for sessions through skype.

Q and A with Dr. Jack Singer About Performance and the Athlete

Q.  Your clientele has included Olympic athletes.  Is it safe to say that athletes at any level can question their ability to perform?

A.  Athletes on all levels of expertise and experience are prone to negative, self-defeating thoughts, which then directly impacts their performance.  The key for hte Professional Sports Psychologist is to determine those patterns of thinking, the situations in which they occur and train the athlete to recognize the triggers and instantly modify the thoughts.

Q.  Is there always a traumatic event or precipitating factor that causes an athlete to question their ability?

A. While traumatic events certainly triggers performance issues with athletes, there are many precipitating factors of which athletes have no conscious awareness.

Q.  If an athlete loses his confidence, can he ever regain it?

A.  Absolutely!  once the athlete learns the triggers to the loss of confidence, they can learn how to modify those triggers and overcome the confidence issue.  This will reflect in improved performance.

Q.  In your experience, are there commonalities between successful athletes across a variety of sports?

A. Definitely.  Successful athletes in all sports have mastered the components of "mental toughness," which can be learned.

Q.  Can the same techniques and tools for improving one's performance be used across a variety of sports?

A.   Absolutely!

Q.  How can you help an athlete whose confidence has been shaken?

A. I help the athlete to get in touch with the precise thinking and belief pattern that has led to the drop in confidence and teach him/her how to modify that thinking.  In addition, I have found great success providing athletes with specific hypnotic recordings to raise their self-confidence and thus improve their performance.

If you have questions for Dr. Singer, you can reach him directly at Dr. Jack Singer.    Please let him know you heard about him here.

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