Italian Soccer School A.I.C. - Accademia Insegnare Calcio 

Are you looking for a quality education along with a first class soccer program?  The Italian Soccer School. may be for you!  

Italian Soccer School A.I.C. 

The program includes:

  • A personalized training program personally created by Bruno Redolfi.
  • Boarding school at the Liceo scientifico - Convitto Nazionale Principe di Napoli.  (University courses are also offered there)
  • Weekly training with a local club
  • Small group training overseen by Bruno and his staff
  • Membership and regularly scheduled workouts at a local gym
  • A conscientious office manager (second Mom for your kids) who is available day and night if you or your child need ANYthing.
  • Tutoring available to assist with schoolwork - invaluable, esPECially if your child does not already speak Italian
  • Italian language immersion program
  • Limited number of players accepted each year so as to permit focus on individual player development 

Players are given specific training programs to ensure they will achieve their best individual results.  Bruno and his team go out of their way to make certain the player is well-taken care of, but also being challenged in his/her development.

The philosophy behind the program is in allignment with their objectives:

  • "to train and build a young soccer player, verifying its quality and potential improving hem to achieve the best that he can, after giving him all the opportunities he deserves."
  • "ensure the continuation of his school course (fundamental aspect to us) and the knowledge of hte Italian language at maximum language he can."

Bruno is the first scout of the boys in his program.  He trains professional clubs at both the Youth and Senior level in Italy.  Bruno evaluates the boys he accepts into his program to determine if they have the adeqaute skills to play with a professional club.

In Bruno's own words, their goal is to  "build a serious man, guarantee an excellent growth, improve his culture in another Country, and improve above all his maximum the soccer skills, work on his potential, to give him all opportunities to play high level if he deserves it."

2017 - 2018 AIC Full-year participants with coach, Bruno Redolfi.

Contact AIC to learn more about this fabulous training opportunity!  I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have for me regarding the program.  I plan to update my blog with comments and observations from Jared as well.  You can also visit the Italian Soccer School A.I.C. Facebook page to see their updates in their own words.

Nazionale Principe de Napoli

Entry way leading into the School.

The Nazionale Principe de Napoli is a well-recognized school for mathematics and the sciences.  It offers a rigorous curriculum.  This year, they have begun to also offer some classes through a Cambridge program.  This will be of tremendous benefit because the Cambridge classes are in English.  Other courses are in Italian.

Italian Soccer School has coordinated their program with the Nazionale Principe de Napoli to allow their players to participate in classes.  Every effort is made to ensure that the coursework will be accepted by the player's home country upon their return.

View from Assisi.

The school sits on top of a hill in Assisi, Italy.  The views are incredible.  It offers a boarding program along with the day school.  The Italian Soccer School has an excellent relationship with this school and they work with the soccer program to meet the needs of its players.

The building itself is an old convent.  The boarding school (convitto) is in one portion of the building.  The school is at another part.

View from Jared's bedroom in the Convitto.

The dining hall offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They also provide snacks at set times during the day.  The students can also go to one of the town stores if they want to purchase snacks additional snacks to keep in their rooms.

Our experience with the school program has been positive.  Most of Jared's classes are small.  There is a tutor available to help the students with their work.  

You are welcome to ask me if you have questions about these programs.  I am more than happy to share whatever you would like to know about Jared's experience.

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