FC Malaga City Academy

Teesta Sisodia-Sullivan, May 17, 2021

FC Malaga City Academy (FCMC) is a full-time residential soccer program for talented and ambitious players around the globe.  It is located on the beautiful southern coast of Spain.  

They offer U17s to Seniors an opportunity to train in world-class facilities with EUFA standard coaching.  Their connections with teams around the world has empowered them to create a one-of-a kind football experience that allows their players to participate in fixtures with not only local league teams but La Liga teams as well.

FCMC Fixtures

In the last two seasons alone, FCMC U18s and U19s have faced FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, Manchester City, Valencia CF, Sevilla CF, Granada CF, Malaga CF, UD Levante and Getafe CF to name a few.

Since their launch in 2013, they have seen a large number of graduates progress in their chosen fields - whether that is continuing their education, moving into coaching or playing professionally.   They have had players join them from over 40 countries around the world.

Many of the players choose to train abroad because they believe it offers them premier training which will help them when they return.

For students interested in taking a gap year,  programs such as this afford them a wonderful opportunity to get superior training coupled with a phenomenal life experience.  Players represent over 40 countries around the world.  These passports belonged to my son's teammates.  They took the picture on a trip to the UK.

George Jermy, the Director of FCMC shared "Over the past number of seasons, we have seen a large number of players join us for a soccer gap year before beginning their collegiate careers.  We feel that our academy provides a perfect platform for players to bolster their soccer CVs, emabling them to compete at a high leel with full NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA eligibility."

He added "We're very proud to see a number of our players sign significant scholarships with a number of leading colleges."

Training facilities in Estepona

What if You Don't Have a EU Passport?

FIFA has many restrictions on foreign players training abroad.  You can learn more about those here. They also have have exceptions under which this training can occur.  One such exception is if you are a student.  

FCMC offers classes through Torox Spanish School.  The school offers a rigorous curriculum of in-person and online instruction that offers its students a strong understanding of the Spanish language and culture.  Additionally, the Academy offers a number of educational options from high school through University.  

Recently, they launched a partnership with two fully accredited US Universities that are working with them to allow online college classes.  This will allow students to pursue their academics with flexible scheduling and with a self-paced learning environment. 

Last year, FCMC’s season was cut short due to COVID.  They ended up having to send their players home early.  This year, despite the pandemic, they have made adjustments allowing them to carry on fixtures, daily operations and training for the students.  This didn’t seem to slow down the program as it has seen even more players join over the past few months.   

The players are housed together in hotels.  They dine together at a local restaurant that is minutes from the beach.  The photo below was taken by my son at lunch.  

The meals are Spanish, but there is a healthy variety.   The town is safe and the boys are able to walk around without worry.

Since opening in 2013, they have expanded at a phenomenal rate.  They now boast centers in 9 different locations, including Australia, Dubai, Kuwait, Tel Aviv and the US.  They have started several new initiatives including one for young women, called the Femininos.  And this year they are launching the FCMC Malaga City USL League 2 franchise out of the FCMC NY operations.

My son, Jared, joined FCMC last year as a U19.  In January, he was moved up to the U23 team for CD Almunecar City. 

This allowed him the opportunity to be seen and invited to try out and then join a division de honor team.  Most recently, he’s been summoned to play with their senior team.

George and his team have been fully supportive of my son’s journey.  They go out of their way to work with players and to help them reach their potential.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have about their program. 

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