C.D. Leganes Hosting First
International Draft

Teesta Sisodia-Sullivan, May 22, 2021

C. D. Leganes, a Spanish football team in the Segunda Division is offering its first International Draft this summer.  

Players will have an opportunity to win a scholarship for the upcoming year with the team.

The tryouts will be in Madrid, Spain.

Jose Antonio Gonzalez Barato is the International Director for C.D. Leganes.  

He was kind enough to answer some questions I had about the draft.  I an publishing these in a Q and A format.

What inspired C.D. Leganes to offer a draft this year?  Was it because of difficulties scouting due to COVID?

We usually do this type of event, we give any player the opportunity to live a great experience.

C.D. Leganes is a huge and well know club.  You must have had hundreds of young players applying.  Have you had to limit the number who can attend?

There are already more than 350 registered.  We try to give everyone the opportunity by separating the requests by age, categories, at different times.

Your draft offers scholarships.  What do these scholarships cover?  What would the player have to pay if selected for a scholarship?

Unfortunately we do not have much capacity in the residence.  Our Scholarship is sports: We cover everything regarding your sports training in a professional club (federative license, full official club equipment, first-level coaches, Nutrition study, physiotherapy, sports medicine, monthly reports and videos to follow the control of  player evolution...

If selected for a scholarship, would the players be placed on a U19 or U23 team?  The website for the International Academy says it is for boys up to 17 yrs of age.

This is not an academy as such.  The players are integrated into the teams of the professional Club, according to their age, their ability, their quality, their position on the field... once you see them we have many options to offer them (U16 to U23)

The boys who win the scholarship are signed for one season.  When does that begin and end?

That's right, they will be signed for a season.  The preseason begins the first days of August and the season ends at the end of June.  July is usually a month of holidays and adaptation to the new season

When will the winners know they have won?

At the end of all the tests we will publish it on the web and we will inform everyone via email.  There will be a sure winner, this is true

How many winners will there be?

At least one per category, but there are events where we have selected 4 or 5 ... it depends on the level.  At least there will be two scholarship players, one U18 and one U23

You are located close to Madrid and that was shut down.  Were you able to hold any practices or was the Academy forced to close over the pandemic?

Legan├ęs is close to Madrid center.  We had complicated months but now the situation is almost perfect and we can carry out this type of tests without problem since we comply with all the safety regulations

C.D. Leganes
Partnerships with US Teams

Would you have any interest in having any of your coaches go to the US to train players?

We have coaches from the United States of America in our Club.  We also already have a collaboration agreement with important academies in New York, Miami and Connecticut and we want to continue doing great things in the USA. 

Would you be interested in coordinating programs between US clubs or MLS teams?

Yes, we are very interested.  The level is very high and the adaptation in Spain is getting better and better.

What do you typically seek in an "ideal" player?  If a young reader dreams of joining your team when they are older, what should they focus on now?

We are looking for players with good decision making.  Obviously we are looking for the most complete player possible, with good technique, good physique, a good attitude and a good understanding of the game, but the most important thing is that he executes each action as well as possible and understands his role.

You can learn more about this opportunity with C.D. Leganes and how you can sign up by clicking here.

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