How to Play
Professional Soccer

This site is for the serious footballer who wants to know how play profession soccer.

Under the "Locker Room" tab, you will find interviews with coaches, players, scouts and agents.  Hear firsthand the advice they would offer a young player who wants to play professional soccer.

Explore your options for training abroad.  There are academic programs that operate in conjunction with boarding schools.  Other programs connect with local clubs while offering housing in host homes.  

FIFA regulations are very specific regarding Minors Playing Abroad.  There are only a limited number of exceptions under which players under the age of 18 can train with professional clubs abroad.  Do you meet one?  

Have you considered playing college soccer?  Many US coaches feel that this allows players the opportunity to get additional game experience, training and afford them the chance to grow physically.   

Over the past few years, more college players are attending the MLS Combine.  While many Europeans seem to feel you need to sign by the age of 18 or you may not play professionally, the same does not appear to be the case here.

Even in Europe, older players can get signed.  Sometimes they may play for lower teams and work their way up.

Learn what you can do to be noticed.   What you can do to help yourself be identified as a player with value to offer a team.  How do you get scouted?  

Find out about Soccer Identification Camps  (ID camps).  What are they?  Is there any benefit to you if you attend one?

Discover the power of the internet and how it can help you.  Find out what you can do to make yourself a brand, and then how to build that brand YOU on Social Media.  

Learn first hand from coaches what they are looking for in athletes.  Learn how to play for college and still be seen as a future prospect for a pro team.  

Learn how the MLS draft is scoping out college players.

Hear firsthand how Transfermarkt operates.

We are searching best practices to position the serious athlete to be seen by  coaches and scouts.  We will be sharing what we learn here, with YOU.  Because it doesn't matter how many soccer finishing drills or soccer passing drills you practice, or how many soccer tournaments you attend, you won't be joining a professional team unless you stand out and are SEEN!

The most important advice I can give you is probably not what you may want to hear.  

Be realistic.

The fact is that the odds of someone making it professionally as a player are low.  What does this mean?  It doesn't mean you should give up on your dream, but it does mean that you should have a Plan B and Plan C in place.

Complete your education.  God forbid you injure your knee, hip, stop standing out for whatever reason.  You need to have a backup plan.

That being acknowledged, I hope you learn from this site.  If you find it useful, please share it.

Why I Made This Website

My son, Jared M Sullivan, is eighteen. He moved to Spain last year before COVID and played with FC Malaga City Academy.  Before that, he trained in Assisi, Italy with Bruno Redolfi at the Accademia Insegnaro Calcio.   And before that, he was a USDA player.

This year, he was invited to join CF Rusadir Division de Honor team in Melilla, Spain in 2021.  Since joining, he has been called up to play with their senior team.  

Jared's goal since a young age has been to play at a professional level and our search for ways to help him kicked off the research for this site.  

As I met more parents of elite soccer players, I recognized that there is a shortage of information readily available on how to play professional soccer.  I decided to start sharing the information I was gathering.

This was stressful for me.  I am not a technical person and the thought of creating a website was very overwhelming for me.  Fortunately, I found a website building tool that has made the process of putting this together not only easy but fun as well.  If any of you are interested in creating a website, I invite you to explore Solo Build It.  (I am on their affiliate program).

Please send me a message if you have specific questions.  I may not know the answers, but I will be happy to help you look.

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